Don’t we just love finished products! The fine stitching on a piece of clothing, the sleek details of an import car, or the interiors of our homes. It doesn’t matter what the style is, it’s the finished details that catch our attention, makes us proud owners, gives us contentment. No matter what it is that we have a “tiny” fixation over, it had a grimy, dirty, rough, non-hewn beginning coupled with laborious hours of planning, thinking, and designing till it was perfect. This all happens before the first cut of material, before any tool is used, before any permit can be applied for.

So we’re paying tribute to all the artisans out there whose countless hours of creating, pondering, and ‘starting over’ countless times, all in pursuit of perfecting their masterpiece till it is a reality for some fortunate owner.

Work in progress in our office – Makú Design

Artisans hand-finishing details of Coco Blanca restaurant Belize

Antique car museum displays classics in Bourton-on-the-Water – Photo credit CA Development

Lincoln Cathedral in Lincoln England – Built between 1185-1311 – Photo Credit CA Development


Hand sculpting column and patios in Belize











Author Makú Design – All photos are taken by Makú Design unless otherwise displayed.