We had a client with a badly scratched concrete floor that needed a makeover. It was a small room but a useful room and although it wasn’t visible to guests, the homeowner wanted the floor to look nice, just for him. It was in good condition, in that it was only a few years old and didn’t really have any stains on it. Just really scratched and gauged. So the best thing to do was make it look more ornate than it was, tape off a new pattern in the concrete and stain it. Needless to say the homeowner was thrilled! So this is what we did;

  • Tape off 3″ border. Grind the finished coat of concrete for a rough edge
  • Apply two coats of English Red Keiko stain
  • Score concrete in brick-style pattern
  • Seal with Kemiko sealer and finish with wax

The job only took about 4 days from start to finish and he was back to using his floor, happy that the cost of Kemiko stain and install was significantly less than installing a high-end porcelain tile. Another happy client!