Powder rooms are often on the small size and clients often feel they should be plain and light in colour because they’re small. However, as seen in these bathrooms, the opposite is quite true. The key is consistency and quality installation. Keep bold patterns the same on all walls for really small spaces. If the room is on the larger size then you can highlight it with an accent. Remember that these are bathrooms, so they can be dressed up and made to look elegant or striking or bold, depending on the style of your home. Don’t be afraid to experiement!

No flaws here! Perfect installation is what allowed all the lines in the corner to meet up properly. The masculine grey and white striped tiles were made feminine with fuchsia accents. The ceiling was painted black to create drama.


Three walls were painted black, and the fourth was gold glass tile. The ornate wood mirror and glass mirror cabinet with black granite countertop complimented all the colours and elements, while the chandelier reflected a lot of light making this bathroom sparkle.