It’s not just about designing and creating a beautiful kitchen. Sure, we want our kitchen to be amazing, reflecting our style and needs. And we’ve been told by real estate agents that in markets now, kitchens and bathrooms are where you want to spend your money to get a return on your investment, not the finished basement. But the look alone isn’t enough. A beautiful but poorly designed kitchen will frustrate you and always be a sore spot. Once you’ve made the decision to build or renovate and you’re putting a good portion of money into your kitchen, its wise to work with a reputable kitchen designer. They will be able to design your kitchen with all the subtle nuances you need in order to function well. A large kitchen isn’t necessarily the best option either. Sometimes a small, compact but very functional kitchen optimizing space is better than a spacial ornate kitchen, with no room for a toaster! I think you get my point….

That being said, its also vital to have your designer and builder work collectively with whomever is installing the finishings; like your flooring, backsplash and countertop installers. Exquisite glass tile for your backsplash will lose its lustre when cabinets or under mount lighting obscures it. In addition to this, a floor will loose the impact of its large tile when the floors and walls are off by 2 or 3 inches.

Beautiful, well designed and well constructed homes take time, patience and a willingness to cooperate in order to give you, the home owner, the comfort you should have in your dwelling.

Black granite is not only very forgiving in a well-used kitchen, but also adds a contemporary feel to the white cabinets and crystal handles


Designing an overhang in your island will allow for bar-height seating, so guests can enjoy chatting with you while you prepare dinner, or a great place to sit and have your morning coffee while enjoying the outside vista.

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