This job was pretty easy to install Kemiko stain, but the concrete floor was in rough shape. It had been used for a few years before the stain was applied so there was obvious use and stains. However, it was all surface and not very many cracks, so it was structurally in good shape.  A little scraping away at stuck on dirt followed by a good clean was given with our Nutra Clean. Then tape off any areas where stain can’t be applied (like wood or drywall) and then we were ready to apply the stain.

Scraping away dirt and debris before giving it a good cleaning.


Nutra Clean gives your concrete a clean surface without residue. Using a floor machine in larger applications or heavily stained floors makes the job easier.


After two coats we could see how the concrete was reacting beautifully to the stain, enhancing dark tans and cola colours.


Washing floor with Nutra Clean is what neutralizes the stain, followed by sealer and wax


Compared to the original grey concrete, this floor now has lustre! It will make clean-up easy after a day’s work and the colour will last forever!

No longer dull grey floor!

Author Makú Kemiko – All photos are property of Makú Kemiko