We were really happy to be a part of the design team for a resort being built in the Caribbean. The exterior plan had been designed already, but the interiors lacked “pizzaz”. Our job was to ensure the resort and the units reflect Venice; Venice in the Caribbean. It was a challenge to rethink the interior spaces. They needed to be functional, structurally sound, but not take away from the incredible views of the Caribbean Sea.

How did we do this?  Many hours of researching the history of Venice! We learned a lot about Italian artists and sculptors and how their art should reflect in the façades of the buildings and bridges. This included carefully choosing the colours for both interior and exteriors. Every detail was to reflect the art of Venice with the relaxed Caribbean vibe. And it was a delight to work with some of the clients and incorporate their taste and requests into the design. Our job wasn’t to oversee construction, but work is still underway and we look forward to seeing this project upon completion!

Conceptual Images not Makú Design

Upon arrival, Gondola’s will take you on the “River” to your suite.

Duplicate of the famous Rialto Bridge

Carefully designed rooms allow for as much view of the Sea as possible or of the immaculate pool.










Construction underway

View of the Caribbean Sea is paramount from these units

Hand sanding the finishings inside these units is what makes them impeccable.

Countless hours spent to ensure the ceilings and walls are finished beautifully and properly.










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