Many of us have dogs as pets. We care for their needs and love them a lot. Not just the quality of their food is important to us but also grooming them, especially if they are big dogs.  We may take them to groomers, but some of us enjoy bathing our pets. Or perhaps an altercation with a skunk requires immediate attention before we can get them to a groomer! And let’s not forget the wrestling it can take to get a dog to comply with bath time, especially if they are a large breed and require more space than just a bathtub.

It might look like just a luxury item but the ability to groom your pet in a convenient way so you’re not causing injury to yourself or your dog is practical and quite affordable. When you’re planning your renovation or new build, look closely at incorporating this shower into your plan; either in your laundry room, side entrance, or in a lower level.  This shower also has a few other practical uses, like hosing off rubber boots, filling large containers with water for washing floors or other uses, making clean-up from canning easier, transplanting plants into different containers to name a few. Building and finishing them doesn’t require ordering much more material to complete. And a shower up to 2’x3′ would be adequate for even a large breed dog.

Have you got a dog shower? Send us a picture of you and your “puppy love” or other uses you have for your dog shower!

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