When a bathroom is well designed, it captures essential design elements which are the use of space, lighting and textures, to name a few. This is what makes it beautiful. But what if the finishes of your “spa-like” bathroom aren’t installed properly? Then you end up with a visible sore spot. Examples of this would be tiles that aren’t installed level, uneven grout joints, residue left on tile. These are just a few but clear indicators that your installer is inexperienced. You’ve put a lot of money into your home and purchased good materials, so make sure you don’t ruin all the effort of design by not hiring a qualified installer.

The entrance to this bathroom was highlighted by the bathtub being centred in the room.

The highly detailed wall is the artwork for the entire bathroom, accented with crystal chandeliers, crystal hardware, stainless steel faucets and black granite.

The glass mosaics enhance the beauty of this exquisite porcelain tile.

Perfectly mitred black granite and plum lines of the glass block left no room for error in both the cutting of the granite, correct dimensions of window opening and professional installation. Pebble floor and walls were gentle massagers of the foot and kept the floor from being slippery. It also softened the look to make this shower really feel like a spa.

Behind the tub is the cleverly designed shower with spa features

With all bathrooms we want to find them relaxing and useful, easy to keep clean and affordable. But we must always remember that the installer is who makes sure it looks and feels the way it should, precise.

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